The Best Book to Movie Adaption’s

If you have a favourite film, the chances are it was adapted from a book. In fact, it is a great way to get into reading if you have been thinking about it.

You always get people saying that the book is better when a film is made but with them being such different experience it is difficult to compare them.

We thought we would look at some of the best film adaption’s from books in our opinion, that’s right, our opinion so don’t lose the plot when we omit some of your favourites.

Jurassic Park

Michael Crichton’s novel about a catastrophic chain of events in Wildlife Park featuring genetically engineered dinosaurs is fantastic. It is a great book and Steven Spielberg’s adaption is a worthy portrayal.

Although the book differs quite a lot from film, it definitely doesn’t stray too far from the source material.

Jurassic Park was so popular it sparked a franchise of movies that continue to be made to this day.

American Psycho

Bret Easton Ellis’s novel is a darkly hilarious take on modern culture and its greed. Although the film wasn’t received that well at the time of its release, it has gone on to become a cult classic, mostly down to Christian Bale’s performance as Patrick Bateman.

The Godfather

The Godfather is a tale of family, loyalty and betrayal centred around a family in the Mafia. If you didn’t already know that you must have been living under a rock because The Godfather and it’s follow up (3 never happened) are two of the biggest mafia films of all time.


Who would have thought a book about drug addicts that lie, cheat and steal their way through the story would have been so popular and have you actually liking the characters. Irvine Welsh’s novel was made into a film that was a worldwide smash and recently sparked a sequel that, to be honest is quite forgettable compared to the original.

City of God

City of God is a novel by the Brazilian writer Paulo Lins that looks at the story of a gang of youths in the favela he grew up in. The City of God or ‘Cidade de Deus’ film was particularly well received, winning many awards and performing especially well for a foreign language film in the UK.

These are just a small handful of films and books that we are fans of but we could go on all day. The next time you enjoy a movie it might be worth having a look to see if you can also pick up the book, eBook or audio book too.

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