Going Digital

When the idea of digital books was first floated most readers would have scoffed at the idea. Having to read a story off a screen compared to the page seemed unlikely but, as time moved on and technology developed so did critics opinions.

One of the main selling points was convenience. People have been more willing to overlook how different it is because it means they can carry hundreds, if not thousands of books about with them on one small, light and portable device.

Digital books or ebooks as they are also known can also be obtained a lot more quickly than buying a physical copy of a book. You don’t need to go to a shop or wait for it to be delivered if you order online. Depending on what books you are reading as well you will be able to update them rather than needing to buy a new book.

You can also get bonus information with eBooks which is great for when you want to find out a bit more about the book.

Another huge reason that people might be more likely to opt for an eBook is that it is more environmentally friendly. Creating paper and printing books leaves a huge carbon footprint when you take into account every step that has to be taken. As people become more aware of the impact they have on the world around them they are making these small choices.

If the book you are reading has references, you can easily follow links to that source and find out more about it. This is extremely useful for learning texts and can be a very handy tool to have.

Another big reason that people are using eBooks is that it is more adaptable. By that we mean things like having the option to alter the size of the text can be huge for some people. Larger print editions are sometimes available but they can be difficult to trace so picking and choosing the text size can be very important for some people that struggle.

They are also easier to hold, you can do it with just one hand and don’t have to deal with page curvature either making it much more easy for some people to read.

As technology for ebook readers develops more and more people are likely to start getting them as a handier option, especially when travelling. That being said it is highly unlikely that it will completely defeat the print medium.

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