Audio Books

Audio Books have been around for ages but the way we listen to them has definitely improved in recent years.

It used to be that you would have about 20 cassette tapes just to tell one story. These days our phones can hold hundreds of them. It is strange to think that a phone is now a camera, a video camera, a personal stereo, a book, a torch and everything else that goes with it.

Being able to store greater numbers of audio books on your phone is definitely a handy thing to have and it means that you can stock up on audio books if you are going away on holiday or on a trip.

Audio books can be great if you are driving long distances and are looking to be entertained and the fact that a lot of celebrities are narrating them makes it that little bit better.

It is also really easy to get an audio book so simply downloading rather than having to physically go somewhere to buy a book can be a much quicker and cheaper option.

It is also good that you know exactly how long the book will take so you can plan it into any journey you are taking.

If you are going on holiday and love to read it is a great way to take a break while still enjoying a story. You also won’t have to worry about the book tan marks that you will probably get if you are sat reading a book in the sun all day.

Some people love to talk about the books they are reading to friends or family, this is a great way to share the experience with them. You aren’t likely to sit next to each other reading the same book, that would just be weird and if you try to synchronise your reading there is no doubt that one person will read faster than the other.

This is also a great idea for the family, if you have a long car ride ahead of you with kids in the back of the car what better way to avoid their boredom than by putting on a Harry Potter audio book.

Audio books can be quite expensive but their prices will differ.

Between ebooks, normal books and audio books you can experience every different medium and get the benefits that they all have to offer. Book worms will always have at least one book on the go and by using audio books you can have another. They are great for commuting because you don’t have the extra weight or need to worry about keeping your place.

If you’ve been thinking about it why not give them a try, there are some great audio books out there.

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